A Smile That Has Seen Many Years Needs Excellent Care

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Maintaining a healthy smile as the years pass requires you to exercise proper care every single day, including avoiding any negative habits and practicing an effective oral health care routine. You can enjoy your smile for a lifetime with proper care!

If you are unsure how to properly care for your dental health as you age, we have provided a list of steps to take to care for a well-aged smile:

– Refrain from eating lots of sugary foods, and be careful when eating risky foods that can crack or chip your teeth, such as hard food.

– Floss every day with a shred-resistant dental floss every day or, if dental floss is too much of a struggle, a reliable interdental cleaner such as a water flosser.

– Avoid dangerous dental habits, which will produce worse effects as you get older, such as chewing tobacco, smoking, poor diet choices, using drugs, and drinking heavily.

– Brush every day twice a day, and ask the dentist about using an electric toothbrush if arthritis or another health condition has made using a manual toothbrush more difficult.

– Properly care for dentures if you have them, as you would for natural teeth, and take them out at the end of the day for cleaning.

– Contact Bray Dental if you notice any issues or irregularities in your smile.

You are welcome to schedule an appointment with Dr. Bryce Bray at 218-681-3233 today to learn more about how to care for your smile over the years and discuss your dental treatment options in Thief River Falls, Minnesota.