A Tooth With a Missing Dental Filling Needs Timely Treatment

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A dental filling used to repair a tooth is intended to last for many years. However, if you sometimes forget to brush your teeth each morning and night, or you are remiss to floss at least once per day, the poor oral condition in your mouth could weaken the connection between a dental filling and the surrounding tooth enamel.

Should one of your dental fillings fall out, you need to have the tooth examined and treated by a dentist like Dr. Bryce Bray. The longer you wait to seek professional intervention, the more likely the tooth is to suffer from a severe cavity or unnecessary dental fracture.

If the lost dental filling was large, or multiple surfaces of the tooth have been weakened, there might not be enough tooth enamel remaining for him to install a replacement. This is even more likely to be the case if a new area of tooth decay is detected or the tooth enamel was recently chipped.

A tooth in this condition often needs a dental crown restoration to replace the entire tooth enamel layer with an alternate material such as porcelain, gold, or a base metal alloy. Once it has been installed, it will fully replicate the function of the original tooth.

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