An Untreated Dental Abscess Can Lead to Sepsis

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An untreated cavity can gradually allow the bacterial presence of tooth decay to penetrate deep into the root of the tooth and the underlying gum tissues. In time, it can even lead to a dangerous dental abscess developing in the periodontal tissues.

As it continues to worsen you will likely experience increasing sensitivity, a toothache, or a feeling or pain and pressure in the underlying gums. If you manage to endure these symptoms and choose not to have the problem treated at Dr. Bryce Bray’s clinic, a dental abscess could lead to sepsis.

This dangerous condition can eventually allow the bacteria to spread to your bloodstream leading to medical complications that could potentially prove to be life-threatening.

In some of these cases, Dr. Bryce Bray can treat an infected tooth with a root canal followed by a course of prescription antibiotics. In an extreme case where a dental abscess is large or a significant amount of the tooth’s root has been compromised, he might recommend extracting the tooth.

Once this is done, Dr. Bryce Bray will likely prescribe antibiotics to treat any lingering infection, as well as a pain medication to help you remain comfortable while your gums heal.

When you’re ready Dr. Bryce Bray can help you understand your options for restoring the tooth. This often calls for installing a dental bridge or performing a dental implant restoration.

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