Dentistry Essentials: Brushing and Flossing

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If you value your smile, it is important to make sure you also value your oral health care. This includes making sure you are caring for your teeth on a daily basis so that plaque buildup cannot seep into a tooth. In addition, harmful acids and other debris that tend to collect in your mouth need to be treated on a daily basis. Two of the most effective tasks for accomplishing this are brushing and flossing. Ideally, you should brush twice every day making sure to brush your tongue as well. Furthermore, floss every day as well.

One of the key founding principles of brushing is caring for your brush itself. It is important to always make sure your brush remains clean and free of contamination. If it ends up contaminated, it can do more harm to your smile. Thus, always store it in a safe location that is free of bacteria or moisture. This means storing it upright and never letting anyone else use your toothbrush. After three or four months, your toothbrush may begin to wear down, so it is important to switch it out for a new one.

To avoid cross-contamination, always make sure you are flossing with a new strand each time. Because you need to clean between each and every tooth, you will have to use a long section of thread for each session. Typically, use a thread that is 18 inches in length. To move up and down the strand as required, you should wrap each end around a finger on each hand. This will make it easier to move up and down as needed. If you choose to use an interdental cleaner other than a thread and floss, water flossers are an optimal solution.

Take your smile to the next level by cleaning your teeth and gums. If you are ready to take the next step to achieve a fantastic smile with effective oral health care, schedule an appointment with our dentist office in Thief River Falls, Minnesota by calling 218-681-3233. Dr. Bryce Bray and the rest of our team look forward to helping you.