Denture Adhesive Might Help with Latent Oral Atrophy

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While you had your natural teeth the actions of biting, chewing, and grinding stimulated the natural bone structure in your mouth. This helped maintain the shape of your gum structure. Your denture was designed to match this structure for a tight fit.

Yet as time goes on the bone structure can start to change. This condition of oral atrophy can gradually cause your denture to feel slightly loose.

Initially, you might be able to counter this effect by applying a modest amount of denture adhesive. This will help to ensure the tight bond between your denture and your gums. It might also help to prevent stray food particles from irritating the gums at the base of the dentures.

As time goes on the oral atrophy could worsen. This is more likely to be an issue if you lost your natural teeth to chronic periodontal disease. In a case like this surgical intervention might be required to restore sufficient oral structure.

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