Get a Composite Dental Filling Today!

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You may be dutiful in following a dental care regimen, but sometimes you just happen to suffer from tooth decay. This can be repaired with a composite dental filling! Here at Bray Dental, we strive to provide the care you need so your smile can last for years to come.

Composite dental fillings are typically made of powdered glass and resin (plastic) and offer better advantages than amalgam fillings. It can be shaded to the color of your natural teeth and is great for a small filling. This dental restoration is recommended for minor tooth damage and requires just one simple visit to the dental office, but can be used for larger fillings as well.

Not only do they make the tooth stronger, they bond directly to the tooth and require less drilling than other fillings. They are cured with heat, so this is what makes the bond strong and blend in with the corners of your tooth. If needed, this material can be blended with other materials as well.

To get this filling, schedule an appointment with Dr. Bryce Bray and our team here in Thief River Falls, Minnesota. Our office strives to give you best care every single day, so give us a call at 218-681-3233!