Inquiries Into Thumb Sucking

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To help eradicate problems associated with thumb sucking in children, always make sure to discourage your child whenever they begin to do so. Thumb-sucking is common in most children and is often used as a security blanket or other tool to help provide them comfort. However, it can end up causing damage to their teeth and gums and can even lead to a misalignment in their teeth. Common questions regarding thumb sucking are as follows:

What is the significance of thumb sucking?
Oral health issues associated with thumb sucking are present and can interrupt growth issues with a child’s teeth growing in improperly and can change the alignment of teeth. It can even lead to changes to the roof of a child’s mouth.

How can verbal praise be used to help prevent thumb sucking?
Whenever you see your child stop sucking their thumb, always give them praise to help build confidence in your child.

What are the benefits of treating thumb sucking?
By treating thumb sucking, you can help extend and protect the life of a child’s teeth and gums to allow their adult teeth to grow in properly and provide the groundwork for positive oral health in their life.

What are my options for treating thumb sucking?
– Medications including dipping the child’s finger in a foul-tasting substance
– Rewards and praise whenever the child stops sucking their thumb
– Switch your child to the use of a pacifier, which can also cause oral health issues, but is an easier habit to break

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